Efficient Multi-Turn Gearbox with Worm Drive

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Fcg-Bs Manual Pipe Network Series is a professional manual pipe operation tool. This series of products are widely used in maintenance and operation fields of machinery, construction, electrical and other industries. This series of products has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, safety and durability, and provides users with stable, safe and reliable manual operation tools.

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The purpose of Fcg-Bs Manual Pipe Network Series is to provide convenient and fast pipeline operation tools, so that users can operate easily and freely during maintenance work, and improve work efficiency and work safety factor. This series of products is characterized by simple structure, long service life, and can be applied to pipes made of various materials.

Product Application

The advantages of this series of products lie in their high quality, high performance and wide range of applications. The manufacturing materials of these products are all made of high-quality imported raw materials, with excellent performance and structural design. When in use, it has excellent performance in terms of material, processing technology, structural design, etc., and is very reliable in maintaining pipeline operations.

Some things need to be paid attention to during use, such as keeping hand tools clean and lubricated, and checking vulnerable parts in time. In addition, we provide specific instruction manuals detailing how hand tools should be cared for and maintained. Fcg-Bs Manual Pipe Network Series is suitable for various industrial scenarios and environments, such as repairing pipelines, installing pipelines, water conservancy projects, etc. 

Our Services

In terms of after-sales service, we provide 12-month warranty service, technical support and open cooperation services to provide users with the best service experience. The product's shipping package is made of waterproof and shockproof materials, and a manual and warranty certificate will be attached to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation.

In a word, Fcg-Bs Manual Pipe Network Series is a series of manually operated pipeline tools with superior performance, convenient operation and long life, which can provide users with efficient, convenient and safe solutions.

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